Carbide Tipped Bandsaw Blade
HM-Titan MU (HA81)
HM-Titan MU high performance bandsaw blade was developed to cut a variety of different materials. The specially designed tooth geometry enables better chip separation with low noise and high cutting rates. Reduced cutting times combined with an excellent finish are ensured.
HM-Titan MUSP (HA82)
HM-Titan MUSP carbide tipped bandsaw blade is designed to cut long chipping materials. The MUSP provides the ideal solution for cutting hard and tough materials, especially nickel-base alloys and titanium.
HM-Titan ALU (HA83)
HM-Titan ALU carbide tipped bandsaw blade is designed to cut non-ferrous metals, especially aluminum. This saw blade provides the ideal cutting solution for gates and risers, as well as plates and bars. The fatigue resistant alloyed steel backing withstands the severe mechanical stresses affecting the blade through the elevated cutting speeds and feeds in this application and ensures high productivity and extended blade life.
HM-Titan MUSN (HA84)
HM-Titan MUSN carbide tipped band saw blade has been designed to cut hardened and tempered or induction-hardened materials with a hardness higher than 50 HRc.

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