All price lists and quotations do not include GST, HST or Provincial Sales Tax which is extra if applicable, unless otherwise stated


Orders are F.O.B. customer's warehouse if of a net value of $200.00 or more.


A minimum invoice value of $50.00 net of taxes and freight charges will be applied.


Net 30 days from date of invoice for approved credit sales. Visa or Mastercard accepted.


Goods are not accepted for return unless authorized by the company. All goods returned for credit are to be offset by an order of twice the value unless the customer has our written permission to return goods without charge. Transportation of all goods returned must be prepaid. Specials will not be accepted for return unless it is agreed that the goods are defective. 


In the event of loss or non-delivery of the whole or part of a consignment, the buyer must notify the company in writing within 14 days of our invoice. 




Clarkson-Osborn Tools Ltd. (the "company") warrants to the buyer of goods manufactured by the company that such goods will be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year after the time of delivery to the buyer provided such goods have been used properly (installed) and maintained. This constitutes the sole and exclusive obligation of the company. There are no other conditions, warranties, representations or collateral agreements, express or implied, statutory or otherwise, including merchantability or fitness for purpose, except as set forth herein. Goods furnished by the company but manufactured by others are not warranted by the company, but to the extent that any original manufacturer's warranty to the company is assignable to the buyer, the com­pany hereby assigns such warranty to the buyer. This warranty extends to the first buyer only and not to subsequent purchasers or users of the goods.

Company's obligation under this warranty is limited to replacing, repairing, or at its option, refunding the original pur­chase price of any goods or parts thereof that are manufactured by the company, and that are found by the company to be defective and are returned, transportation prepaid, to the company. The company shall not be responsible for any costs relating to disassembling any material or equipment in which the goods may be incorporated or for any similar costs, nor shall the company be responsible for any installation costs of any replacement goods.

The company shall have no obligation or liability of any kind to the buyer or to any other person in respect of the goods and shall not be liable for any loss, costs or damages, of any kind whatsoever, whether consequential; Indirect, special or otherwise, or any other claims except as provided herein, even if caused by the negligence of the company, its employees or agents and notwithstanding any fundamental breach by the company or the buyer. The provisions hereof relating to the warranty and limitations thereon and limitations of liability shall continue to be enforceable between the parties notwithstand­ing termination of any agreement between the parties for any reason including fundamental breach. Without limitation, the company shall have no obligation with respect to latent defects or for any loss or damage which may arise as a result of improper installation or application of the goods or for any goods subjected to misuse, abuse, neglect or accident, or for buyer's failure to use the goods in accordance with proper procedures and any safety notices provided by the company. The company shall have no responsibility for the adequacy of buyer's design and specifications.

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